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Hibiscus Popsicle. Treat yourself to Jamaica's delicious Paleta de Fruta, a refreshing treat made from sweet Jamaica-grown fruit. Enjoy a cool, sweet snack that's perfect for the hot summer days.



Lucas Chamoy Popsicle. Try our yummy Chamoy paleta! Sweet and flavorful, it's the perfect summer treat for any occasion. Enjoy the delicious taste of real fruit, dipped in delicious chamoy....

Vainilla con Pasas


Vanilla with Raisins Popsicle. Delight in the sweet and refreshing taste of Vainilla con Pasas. Made with real fruit, raisins and vanilla extract, this paleta is sure to tantalize your...



Pineapple Popsicle. Treat yourself to a refreshing tropical treat with Piña! Made with delicious pineapple, this frozen fruit pop is a delicious way to cool off. Naturally sweet and juicy,...

Pico de Gallo


Pico de Gallo Salsa Popsicle. Our Pico de Gallo Paleta de fruta is a delicious treat that is sure to make your mouth water! Made with only the freshest ingredients,...

Pepino con Chile


Cucumber with Chili Popsicle. Cool down with a refreshing, chile-flavored Pepino Paleta. Enjoy the sweet and spicy taste of this delicious Mexican treat!

Jicama Chile


Jicama with Chile Popsicle. Try our traditional Jicama Chile Paleta for a unique and flavorful combination of sweet and spicy. Enjoy the delicious taste of fresh jicama with a touch...



Guava Popsicle. Indulge your taste buds with our Guayaba Paleta de Fruta! This delicious treat is made from 100% real Guayaba fruit, providing a sweet and tangy flavor. It's the...



Coconut with Milk Popsicle. Taste the sweet and delicious flavors of the Coco Paleta de Fruta! Packed with real fruit pieces, this treat provides a tropical escape with each bite....



Watermelon Popsicle. Treat yourself to a cool and refreshing snack with our delicious paleta de fruta Sandia. Enjoy the sweet taste of watermelon on a hot summer day. A great...



Banana with Milk Popsicle. Cool off with Platano, a delicious fruit popsicle! Its rich, sweet taste of ripe bananas will satisfy your cravings and make for a refreshing and tropical...

Piña Colada


Piña Colada with Milk Popsicle. Cool off with this delicious fruity Piña Colada popsicle! Refresh your day with a sweet and tropical treat.