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Arroz Con Leche


Rice with Milk Popsicle. Treat your family to Arroz Con Leche! Our delicious paleta de fruta is made from real fruit and will be a hit with your guests. Enjoy...



Capuccino Coffee with Milk Popsicle. Experience the taste of summer with this Capuccino paleta de fruta. Indulge in the delicious combination of creamy coffee and sweet fruit flavors for a...



Lucas Chamoy Popsicle. Try our yummy Chamoy paleta! Sweet and flavorful, it's the perfect summer treat for any occasion. Enjoy the delicious taste of real fruit, dipped in delicious chamoy....



Bubble Gum Popsicle. Chicle is a delicious, fruity paleta de fruta, perfect for an afternoon snack. Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavors of this unique treat. Perfect for adults and...



Coconut with Milk Popsicle. Taste the sweet and delicious flavors of the Coco Paleta de Fruta! Packed with real fruit pieces, this treat provides a tropical escape with each bite....



Strawberry Popsicle. Treat yourself to a delicious and nutritious snack with Fresa's strawberry fruit bar. Bite into the sweet and juicy strawberry goodness with each serving, and enjoy the perfect...

Fresa de Leche


Strawberry with Milk Popsicle. Indulge with our Fresa de Leche Paleta! Enjoy the sweet and fruity flavor of our milk-based ice popsicle, perfect for hot summer days. Your taste buds...

Galletas con Crema


Cookies & Cream with Milk Popsicle. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Galletas con Crema. Enjoy the delicious combination of fruit and creamy filled cookies for a tasty treat. Perfect for...



Promegranate Popsicle. Granada's Paleta de fruta is perfect for a sweet treat. Enjoy the juicy flavor of real pomegranate in a popsicle. Get your daily dose of fruit without the...



Guava Popsicle. Indulge your taste buds with our Guayaba Paleta de Fruta! This delicious treat is made from 100% real Guayaba fruit, providing a sweet and tangy flavor. It's the...



Hibiscus Popsicle. Treat yourself to Jamaica's delicious Paleta de Fruta, a refreshing treat made from sweet Jamaica-grown fruit. Enjoy a cool, sweet snack that's perfect for the hot summer days.

Jicama Chile


Jicama with Chile Popsicle. Try our traditional Jicama Chile Paleta for a unique and flavorful combination of sweet and spicy. Enjoy the delicious taste of fresh jicama with a touch...